22 SUPERSONIC reasons Oasis fans will love the new documentary

Even if you were on the Blur side of the debate, you’re going to want to watch this film!

“It is a big question… and it deserves a big answer”. Noel Gallagher’s quest to explain how, in three short years, Oasis ruled the world and transcended music to become a cultural phenomenon.

Directed by Mat Whitecross, Supersonic is the rags-to-riches story about ignoring industry indifference to reap the ultimate rewards… before it all became too much.

For those of you who haven’t seen it, here’s the ball-achingly sweet trailer…

Clip via Entertainment One UK

With intimate (and frankly unbelievable) archive footage from the band’s early days, right through to their unprecedented success, mixed with present day narration from all the main players, Supesonic is as wild as you’d expect from a band that were always mad for it.


To get you nicely buzzin’, here are 22 little Supersonic snippets to whet the appetite of every Oasis superfan ahead of the big release this weekend.

1. Liam’s anecdote about how he got into music is ridiculous

As a teenager, he was “suspect” of music, until he took a hammer to the head in a fight and re-emerged obsessed with becoming a rock star.

giphy (4).gif

Noel’s typically sharp one-liner response to this story is priceless.

2. Speaking of, the most prolific songwriter of his generation was sacked for being too lazy in his first job in music

Inspiral Carpets hired young Noel as a roadie and it didn’t end well, but the story is predictably brilliant.

giphy (23).gif

Luckily, Mark Coyle was also shown the door, who Noel would take on as a producer for Oasis and who proved to be instrumental to their success.

3. The initial recording of Definitely Maybe sounded pretty awful

It played like a wedding band album… and not a good one. Fans who have never heard this specific recording will be in for a shock.

giphy (5).gif

Enter a chap called Owen Morris to save the day and help create music history.

4. The childhood photo album is brought out and a couple of the pictures will definitely maybe surprise you

giphy (1).gif

The pictures of Noel, in particular, may cause you to choke on your popcorn.

5. The song choices throughout the documentary are absolutely spot on

From such a vast catalogue on offer, anything and everything would have been tempting, so setting the tone of each scene was the crucial.

With that in mind, the use of ‘Columbia’ is a particular goosebump-inducing highlight.

Clip via cumonfeelthenoize1

6. Only one Oasis song from the post-Britpop era makes the cut and you’ll never guess which one


Clip via zikrett

7. The scene where Liam hears ‘Champagne Supernova’ for the very first time and nails it in one take is mesmerising

Clip via OasisVEVO

He had a special incentive to get it done quickly, of course.

8. The band’s live reaction to one of the most famous Premier League moments in history is captured

… And every member of the band is happy, except one!

Clip via Matthew Bragg

9. The new Oasis roadie’s first day on the job involved a ferry trip to Amsterdam, a mass brawl, West Ham fans, the band’s incarceration and one very angry manager

giphy (3).gif

That’s one way to show the new fella the ropes.

10. Liam does a mean impression of Boyzone backstage before a gig

giphy (7).gif

11. Noel wrote the words to ‘Supersonic’ in the time it took the rest of the band to eat a Chinese takeaway

Tasty enough, to be fair.

Clip via stockholmparkas

12. The gang accidentally took crystal meth thinking it was cocaine before going on stage in America

The shambolic performance is shown in the documentary and it’s quite something.

giphy (10).gif

13. … This resulted in Noel going AWOL in the US for a few days, which inspired him to write this gem…

Clip via Valandil90

14. The sound engineer was forced to quit because he was going deaf

Oasis’ performances became so vociferous and the volume so intense, Mark Coyle had to make a huge decision for health’s sake.

giphy (13).gif

15. We learn that this was Noel’s first ever TV interview

Clearly, he needed to work on his confidence a bit here!

Clip via Norris Karloff

That’s right up there with their first ever TV performance, on Mark Lamarr’s The Word.

16. The band’s treatment of original drummer Tony McCarroll is appalling and acts as the low point in the documentary

giphy (8).gif

17. Their reaction to bassist Guigsy temporarily leaving the band is pretty ruthless as well

… His replacement, Scott McLeod, didn’t fare much better either.

Clip via Oasis

Still, he appeared in one of the most recognisable music videos ever made.

18. Their first trip to Japan compared to their maiden voyage in America couldn’t have been more differently received

Japanese fans worshipped the ground they walked on, but their US counterparts were fairly apathetic.


The contrast makes for fascinating viewing.

19. They single out their gigs in The Point in Dublin as being especially emotional thanks to their Irish roots

Here’s Noel appearing on The Late Late Show directly afterwards…

20. A very unwelcome figure from their past shows up in Dublin after these gigs and threatens to ruin the party

giphy (11).gif

21. Noel credits his mother’s life-changing decision as his avenue into music

The regular beatings Noel received from his father growing up inspired the elder of the two brothers.

Clip via Nisky2

We’re thankful he chose this path, as his songs have been the anthems for many a great occasion down the years.

22. You’ll be left equally inspired and shattered by the end

Whether it’s Noel admitting that Liam is cooler than him, sibling brawls involving baseball bats, or the sheer scale of their monumental rise, you’ll be belting out their classics all the way home after this emotional rollercoaster.

Clip via NoelG.tv

Get seeing it, then. Before Noel gets angry…

Clip via Acoustic Couch Therapy Sessions


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